Kelly & Roger ~ Epworth wedding

When I sit down to write these wedding blog posts, I usually start with a little something about the bride and groom. When I sat down to write this one, quite a few thoughts went through my head. What a fabulous couple they are, how they sometimes pull silly faces when they look at each other but one thought stuck out…determination and love.

Kelly and Roger had planned their wedding to be surrounded by many of their friends and family but social distancing and pandemic restrictions stood in their way at every turn. Roger was working abroad and Kelly was in the UK, making lists, plans and bravely keeping everything together. The week of their wedding the government announced more restrictions and whilst I held my breath to see if it would be allowed to go ahead, Kelly was texting me a picture of the marquee going up in the garden. Their wedding was allowed to go ahead as the new restrictions were brought into place a couple of day’s after their wedding.

I was given an itinerary of their day, like I get for most full day weddings and Kelly had said she would arrive at the church 10 minutes before the ceremony. I kind of smiled to myself and thought she would perhaps be a few minutes late.

Needless to say Kelly wasn’t late, she arrived exactly 10 minutes before the ceremony started. She was calm, she was excited and she wanted to get down that aisle and marry the love of her life. Roger was waiting inside, his groomsmen keeping him upbeat. The guests were asked to stand, Roger took his place at the front of the church and his bride, arm in arm with her dad, walked down the aisle and you could see Roger was blown away with how beautiful she was.

The ceremony was lovely and afterwards we had family group photos, the bridal group photos and then everyone clambered onto a vintage red London bus to go the the reception.

The day went so smoothly, the weather was perfect and the groomsmen did a great job at keeping the speeches amusing and lighthearted.

A quick couples photo session in the linseed field behind the marquee just as the sun was disappearing , was a perfect end to their day.

I know this wasn’t the wedding they had started planning so long ago, but these two kept going and kept being positive. They changed their plans every time they had to, for their friends and family to be able to stay safe and for them to be able to say their “I do’s”. The bottom line is they were able to get married when they wanted to and this gives them the perfect excuse for a big celebratory party when restrictions finally ease.
To Roger and Kelly, I wish you both years and years of happiness together, thank you for having me as part of your wedding day.

Kirst x

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