Family Photography

Autumn ~ Surrey Family Photography

The days just keep rolling on and the months and seasons change, in what can feel like an instant. The leaves are changing and dropping and it’s looking lovely out there.

This is such a perfect time of the year for a family photography session. The colours are glorious and the afternoon light is sublime!!
Why not get a few layers on, a snuggly coat and a stomp through the woods, covered in these beautiful leaves and get your annual family photo’s taken.

My prices start at £360 and that will give you a 60-90 minute photography session, I always recommend late afternoon for gorgeous lighting, a personalised box with 20 4X6″ prints and a USB with the matching digital images on it.
But it also gives you more than that…you get those moments with your children at the age they’re at, when their hands will never be that small again, they will grow out of jumping in puddles with their wellies on (and whilst you might be thinking that’s great for the wash load, when they suddenly stop doing it, you somehow miss them doing it).

You get a legacy to pass down to them, in albums and framed images on how YOU looked when they were so little, when they can’t remember you at the age you’re at and how you held them or played with them. These are the things that family photoshoots give to us…and also a lovely afternoon to run around, have fun and maybe pop into a cafe to enjoy a hot chocolate afterwards because you’re needing a warm up.

Get in touch for availability (before these glorious leaves have all gone)
Kirst x

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