Wedding Photography

The slightly bumpy road back to weddings

Are we there yet? Seriously, this year has dragged by, it feels like someone has pressed the pause button and for millions of us our lives have literally been put on hold.

Weddings are absolutely no exception, in fact weddings have been one of the hardest hit industries with hundreds of thousands of suppliers not being able to work and thousands of couples having to cancel or postpone their wedding.

The government set out guidelines for weddings when they announced their ‘road map’ out of lockdown and within that announcement came the following dates for when weddings could take place again.

12 April 2021 – 15 guests
17 May 2021 – 30 guests
21 June 2021 – all restrictions lifted

These dates were all, of course, subject to the virus rate of infection and how the vaccine rollout was doing.

It has come to light in the last couple of days that weddings can take place from 12 April to 16 May in places of worship or specific public venues. When the announcement was made, venues started taking bookings and suppliers had enquiries and bookings began to come in again and now back to square one, we don’t know where we stand and couples have AGAIN have to postpone or rearrange their day if they have not planned to get married in a church or registry office.

So now we wait for the government to come to a decision that they hate the wedding industry will do the right thing and stop messing around with people’s lives and livelihoods. If you’re trying to plan your wedding I would highly recommend following the wedding taskforce as they are at the front of this mess, fighting for everyone. Run by a group of volunteers in the industry and doing a fantastic job, they are keeping everyone updated and they’re the one’s who discovered the government’s ‘small print’ to do with this fiasco.

In the meantime, we will keep our chins up and look forward to the day where couples get to walk down an aisle and get married in front of their loved one’s. I personally cannot wait to be standing at the front of the aisle, camera in hand, waiting for the ceremony to start and having that nervous excitement that I still get at every wedding.

Take care everyone,
Kirst x

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