Berkshire wedding, branding and family photographer

Hi!! In my previous blog I mentioned that I hadn’t been around for a while and that is because my family and I have moved out of London to Wokingham, Berkshire.

The past two months have been insanely busy. Between sorting and packing an entire house, organising ALL of the admin that goes with moving (do you know how many places you’re registered with, have accounts with and have to change your address for???), gearing up towards move day, sorting the logistics of still living in a half packed house, getting kids to school, doing homework, cooking and then moving and doing the same on the other side. It’s a lot, so blogging was not at the top of my priority list, in fact I’m not sure it was even on the list.

We are here now though!! Wokingham is just lovely, it’s a slightly slower pace (my kids and I still find ourselves rushing past everyone to get to the school gates, when we have no real reason to be rushing), the people are so friendly and we are looking forward to making it our new home.

I will of course be shooting out here, I have been looking up some local wedding venues and with the governments recent announcement that weddings can go ahead, that is all really positive and I’m looking forward to running my photography business in Wokingham, all the lovely villages that surround it and the greater area of Berkshire and Hampshire. London is not that far away, if a wedding comes up there or in Surrey, I will still be travelling to those areas too, so if you’re planning a wedding or needing a business branding photographer and you’re in any area I’ve just mentioned please do drop me an email because I’m happy to travel.

Looking forward to meeting new wedding couple’s, families and small business owners and working with you!

Kirst x

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