Family Photography

Christmas Photographs 2021

Here we are again. I offered these photographs last year and they were so popular, that I will be doing them again in 2021.

A magical photograph of Santa holding a framed photograph of your child or a picture of you as a family!!!!
A wonderful way to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas too.
These are just so incredibly beautiful and as so many of us will not be able to get to see Santa this year, not only have bookings for Santa been fewer this year because of cleaning routines and social distancing, unless you booked months ago, there is little chance you will get to meet the big fella this year, this is a fantastic alternative and completely safe.

How does it work?
It’s super simple. You send an image to me, preferably a Christmassy one (think of your kiddies sitting in-front of your beautiful Christmas tree, Christmas jumper on and snap!), I will edit it into the 4 frames below, send a link back to you with your private gallery where you can select which photo, or photos, you would like to purchase and a digital file will be emailed over to you. It’s that simple.

Last year, many people purchased a letter from Santa (or made their own at home) along with a digital photo, had their image printed out and popped it into their Christmas Eve box or set it up on Christmas morning for their kiddies to discover. It was super special.

Here are the 4 frames to select from

Prices start at £15.00 for the image and £3.50 for additional items.
Closing date for purchasing is 19 December 2021.
These can be ordered from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an email address and PayPal account, you’re good to go!
Get in touch today for a full price list and options.

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