How long does a photo session last?

In general I would say allow a maximum of an hour for a family shoot and I would recommend 3 hours for a newborn. Some newborn shoots can be completed before 3 hours, but from time to time babies need a little extra feed or change. Instead of rushing, I like to take things at a gentle pace, with the baby to achieve the best possible results.

What should I wear?

There are some great colour combinations that work well together, have a look at this colour palette for some ideas.


You can have a look at my Pinterest page for some more inspiration.

The best advice I can give is to wear clothing without (or with as little as possible) pattern. This tends to stand out and can be distracting. It’s lovely to have women in dresses or skirts, something a touch more feminine and it makes you feel great during the shoot. Keep in mind what your natural style is and build on that, you need to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Your clothing can really make or break the final look of your photographs.

Why must I pay a non-refundable deposit?

I ask for a non-refundable deposit to ensure there are no last minute cancellations. If your shoot is cancelled, I have lost revenue and have turned other potential clients away due to being booked on a certain day. Obviously kids get sick or other things come up (the weather doesn’t always co-operate), we can by all means reschedule in certain circumstances.

My child is full of energy and always pulls faces when I take photo’s of him/her. Can you stop that from happening on the day?

Kids will be kids! I often get silly faces during a photo session, but mostly being someone your child doesn’t know, they tend to listen and not pull faces. Another reason I like to go to a park, it gives the little one’s a bit of space to run around and get used to having me there and also get some lovely, natural images. And that’s also an advantage of digital photography, I’m not limited by the amount of images I can take…so we will get it right.

I have a specific pose/idea in mind, can we do that on the day?

Yes, we can most definitely incorporate your ideas. It’s great to have seen a photograph that you would like to replicate, but please bear in mind that each photographer is different and therefore our shooting style and the way we work is different. I like to keep photoshoots natural and I will direct you to a certain degree, but each and every session is different and my final images are unique to your photo session.

At a Newborn session, will you take photo’s of my family?

Yes, I will be able to take photographs of your partner and/or older children, but please bear in mind that the main reason I am there is to photograph your newborn baby.

Newborn sessions currently take place in the comfort of your home, this can also be limiting with family photographs as I only have what is around me to work with, but I am always creative and can usually find a suitable space to get what is needed.

Please don’t worry if your older child does not want to co-operate during the session…this is complete normal. I will endeavour to get at least a couple of family photo’s and perhaps a couple of individual images, if that is what you want.


How much Photoshop (editing) do you do?

All images will be given to you, ready for print. I colour correct and crop most images. If you have a simple blemish you wish to have removed (for example, a child has a small scratch on their face), please let me know and I will remove these before giving you the final images.

If you’re looking for air-brushing or further, detailed editing this can be done and will be charged at £25.00 per hour.

Can I be given all of the photographs?

The most simple answer for this is unfortunately, no. With these amazing digital camera’s we have it’s not uncommon to shoot hundreds of images, especially at a wedding. Not all of these images are usable. The format that they are shot in needs processing and editing and this can be extremely time consuming. I may shoot a pose and it might not work out, so I don’t use it or there may be an unflattering angle that I realise is not working, so I change the angle and reshoot. Being handed a gallery of 800 wedding photo’s can be very overwhelming and you do not need to sift through all of them to see that Uncle Joe has closed his eyes in the group shots and that’s why there are 5 of the same image. Quality over quantity!

Do my photo’s have to be on your website or online?

With social media being such a large part of photography business nowadays, having new images online keeps potential clients interested and helps me to generate more business. It’s also a great way to share your images with friends and family, you can tag yourself in the Facebook images and send out a link to a blog post all about your family photoshoot. Saying that, I completely understand that not everyone wants everything on the internet, so if you feel you would prefer only certain images shown or none at all, please let me know and I will respect your privacy choices.

How long will my online gallery be open for?

Your gallery will be live for 2 weeks. You will receive an email with further instructions on where to view your (password protected) gallery.

If you would like the gallery to be extended, this will incur a further cost, which you will be notified of before I am able to extend the expiry date.

Can you floss?? Oh yes, they can