A post I never thought I would be writing

Well, here we are. ALL OF US. Coronavirus pandemic is literally sweeping the world and we are in lockdown. This blog post was supposed to be about a wedding that I should have photographed last weekend, but alas it is not. I'm not really sure why I'm writing this, maybe just to reach out and… Continue reading A post I never thought I would be writing


Purple beauty

4 years ago, I loaded my baby boy in our car and went in search of a lavender field I had heard of. I was blown away by it's beauty, it's quietness and just being surrounded by all these amazingly scented flowers. I now go every year and it's become somewhat of a small tradition...not… Continue reading Purple beauty

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In search of Red

The other day I went in search of a poppy field. I did some quick googling research and found a cycling blog that mentioned there was this poppy field near a crossroad in Carshalton, if you followed the London to Brighton cycle route you would find it. So I went to the crossroad, it wasn't… Continue reading In search of Red