Interior Photography

Interior photography

Hello again Apart from family photography I also do interiors. The bathrooms and kitchens that I get to photograph and pretty and lovely and inspirational for one day when I'm grown up and get to design my very own bathroom. So here are some of them and they're all professionally done by the talented group… Continue reading Interior photography


Feel the Olympic spirit

Yesterday was quite an exciting day, the Olympic torch went passed my house. The. Olympic. Torch. Went. Passed. My. House. The flame has been carried through over 1000 cities in Britain. It was lit in Greece on the 18 May 2012 and has been making it's way, via a relay, around the United Kingdom. It… Continue reading Feel the Olympic spirit


Diamond Jubilations

As most of the world is aware, the past weekend was the Queens Diamond Jubilee and, wow, did London put on a show. From all the shops going bunting mad, with every conceivable item with a British flag emblazened on it, to the 1000 strong boat flotilla down to the Thames to the immense concert… Continue reading Diamond Jubilations


London by Light

So hello dear blog world. I have started a new project that I'm calling "London by Light", see I live in London but I'm not your typical city girl. I much prefer the wide open spaces of the country side, fresh air and the sound of very little, but I do live here and so… Continue reading London by Light