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Baby Lily ~ Newborn photography

This little princess was so sweet and really quite alert at her newborn photoshoot, it was at her family home in Sutton and it was really relaxed and baby Lily! It was a really chilly day, but her home was super warm which is what we need when these shoots are done, if it's… Continue reading Baby Lily ~ Newborn photography

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Winter Wonderland

-6 degrees celsius. That's cold!!! That temperature is currently what we're dealing with and whilst it takes me an extra few minutes to de-ice the car and thaw my frozen fingers before I can go anywhere, it also makes for beautiful imagery. I live very close to Morden Hall Park and visit it all year… Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Three Six Five

Three Six Five: March 15 – 31 (ish)

So um, I skipped a few days. We went away and things were busy and and and. Theoretically it's not until the 31st then, I think the last day was the 29th. they are March 15 This one isn't macro, but I had this beautiful wide angle lens that was used for another shoot… Continue reading Three Six Five: March 15 – 31 (ish)